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Cover Image - JHEP Reports, Volume 5, Issue 2
JHEP Reports is an open access companion title to the highly-respected Journal of Hepatology. It publishes original papers, reviews, and letters to the Editor concerned with basic, translation and clinical research in the field of hepatology. JHEP Reports is an innovative Journal publishing articles on global issues in hepatology, with specific focus on clinical trials, novel diagnostics, precision medicine and therapeutics, cellular and molecular research, metabolism, cancer, microbiome, systems biology, epidemiology, and biotechnology advances and devices.

Companion Journal

Cover Image - Journal of Hepatology, Volume 78, Issue 2

The Journal of Hepatology publishes original papers, reviews, case reports and letters to the Editor concerned with clinical and basic research in the field of hepatology. The Journal is published in English. Supplements may be accepted after editorial review.



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In the fifty plus years since EASL was founded, it has grown from a small organization that played host to 70 participants at its first meeting, to becoming the leading liver association in Europe. EASL attracts the foremost hepatology experts as members and has an impressive track record in promoting research in liver disease, supporting wider education and promoting changes in european liver policy.

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